Alright so i'm basically looking for someone who has tried these to help me decide which is superior, since i'm quite possibly gonna buy one of these 2 quite soon and they're both 499 bux and virtually offer the same stuff, and although apparently the UX8 offers more amps and other stuff, Guitar Rig 4 sounds great from what I've seen.

GuitarRig :


Oh one last thing, would anyone recommend the POD studio GX?

inb4 save some more and buy a used tube amp with that cash:
I'm a bedroom casual guitarist who doesn't look forward to use my own amp to play gigs, not to mention the fact that in my case it is way harder to find a good deal for used great amps, for reasons which I won't discuss here.
I have the Line 6 Toneport GX.

It is basically identical hardware to the pod studio's new paint job.

It works with all the software by line6 (provided your unit is registered (pay money) for them)

The toneport/pod studio GX can and WILL work with guitar rig, amplitube and the likes.

No latency but for best results, just download ASIO4ALL.

You can even use guitar rig as a plugin in your audio editor, all hooked up through the toneport/podstudio gx.
Guitar Rig 4 is very cool! Guitar tone pre-sets are remarkable. GR4 very simple in use, but you need modern computer - up to 2gb memory and dual processor.
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