Hey everybody, so, I ran into a situation. For awhile now I figured I'd save up extra cash and get a Roland Micro Cube, however, just recently I went to this band practice session and they liked me enough that they want me to participate in their group. Now, I've been so used to playing by myself so I figured a Micro Cube would work just fine. But now that I'm going to be in a group (It's like 5 guitarists and a group of drummers and other assorted instruments) I figure I'll need something louder. Does anybody know a reliable amp that is versatile and (this part is important for me) that I could get for around $200 or less?
If you need a big amp, for the money the market is not the best... Fender Fm212r is decent for the price range.

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yeah man you should stick to the roland cubes, theyre good. try geting a 60 or 80
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On the other hand, if your mids are at zero and youre trying for a live gig situation - best of luck. Might as well just get a bass and put fuzz over it.
You should just get a loud, SS combo. Make sure you get it used though, it's the best you can do with $200.

Maybe some SS Peavey would do?
Alright then, thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm going to have to work a bit more to see exactly which amp I'm going to be getting in the time frame I have, but at least now I have a reference point to start.