What do yall think of em?

They seem to just be reverse staggered fralin pickups copying the original design and parts, but with higher output.

thinking of gettin a guitar that happens to have some in it, has anyone heard em before?
Lindy's single coils are always top notch.

Though to be honest, never was a big fan of Jimi's woodstock sound.
Quote by al112987
Lindy's single coils are always top notch.

All of them are always top notch imo, but you must hear them and decide.

About replacement pups, i'm Dimarzio *****
This is a special custom set that we have Lindy wind specially for us. Originally it was just available in our custom wiring harnesses, but now we are making the pickup set available by itself. We've talked to a ton of Strat players over the years and asked them which pickup positions they liked the most and the least. Overwhelmingly, players favor the neck position, the #2 position (bridge and middle) and the #4 position (neck and middle). Many players also like the cutting nature of the bridge position, but comment that sometimes it can border on being "too harsh". The middle pickup alone seems to be the least popular. Our Custom Set does the following: 1) the middle pickup is wound to accentuate the "quack" in the #2 and #4 positions. These positions also retain a little more top end presence (you have noticed that you lose a little top end when the pickups are combined, right?). 2) The middle pickup alone has a little more "transparency" to it. It has sort of a hint of an additional acoustic-like quality. Especially nice for rhythm. This pickup is also reverse wound to cancel hum when combined with the other pickups. 3) The bridge pickup is wound with just a little more meat to it, very similar to the blues special, only we add a base plate to it, like a Telecaster, to give it a little more punch and low end boost. Now when you go to your lead position you can cut through the mix, but in a sweeter, less abusive manner leaving your nerve endings in tact. The neck pickup is the same as a vintage hot neck pickup (don't fix it if it ain't broke).
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