Hello. My brother's been registered here for a while so I figured what the hell, I might as well ask.

Basically, I like to chart songs for Guitar Hero and Rock Band on my own time, for fun. I play real drums so it's not like I prefer it over the real thing, it's just a new avenue for people to explore and become acclimated to new types of music. And I have an itch for people that can't be licensed or are unwilling to be licensed by the huge corporate machines- meaning people that create their own music, specifically.

What I'm trying to get at is to ask you all if you'd be interested in having your song become playable in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Note that there's no profit involved in anybody by this (unless you choose to release your song via Xbox LIVE). Here's a few tidbits:

1) While the master tracks are preferred, they're not necessary. They just make it so that if you miss notes the track will become unhearable until you begin to hit notes again. Any format of known audio *should* work fine.

2) I chart very high-quality things. Animations, lighting, and more are all included with everything I release, so rest assured that this is not a quick-and-easy slap job. I know what I'm doing and I truly do care for it.

3) I understand that a few/many of you may hate or dislike this game. I do respect your opinions- after all, this is a site absolutely dedicated to the guitar and all things rock. It's completely understandable that you would, therefore, dislike such a game as this. I will stand to the fact, however, that this is a great way to get a multitude of people to experience your music (even if it is not the way you prefer it).

4) Last, but not least, I want difficulty curves. Maybe a simple guitar part, with drums and bass, as an easy song- and maybe something truly extremist and epic as a fitting final act.

I'm looking to have fun- the next step is to have community interaction. I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you for your time.


darthluke1 (Metal)
Hellz (Rock)
Kevin19/Myself (Probably varying instrumentals)


Just as a starter I'll probably begin with Hellz' "Easy Listening Instrumental" and work from there pending review from Hellz and other UG members. I'll post instructions on how to "play" the song without actually having the game later.

In the meantime, as I update the thread I will upload "WIP" MIDIs that you'll be able to see the progress on.
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I'd love to have one of my songs in guitar hero
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Cool! PM Me the link to your favorite song and I'll gladly check it out.
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i'll pm you one of my songs

Sounds fantastic! I'm glad some people think it's a cool idea.
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i'd like one of my bands songs on there! (www.myspace.com/16hoursremain)

Sweet. :P

EDIT: Nice. You've got yourself a good screamer and an awesome track beat. Trouble is, unless you have tabs or the master tracks I'm going to have a very tough time differentiating notes.

Quote by hellz
I'm up for it. www.myspace.com/helmutuhlmann for songs. Also my demo is going to be finished hopefully at the end of this year so then you could do them perhaps? Very cool idea!

Double sweet. And I'd love to hear your demo when it's done.

EDIT: Softer than darthluke's. I'd love to do them both. I really dig your Easy Listening Instrumental right now.

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Yeah, count me in too.

You're my brother. Therefore you are my guitarist. Therefore you are in anyways.

I'm off to listen to music. I'll also be updating the OP to show who's interested and what I'm currently on.
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I would definitely like that. question though... do I keep all the rights?

my song would be an easy pop-punk song by the way
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Oh, look. Some people want to have their music in a horrible game.
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One question, do i have to send you the tabs or anything?
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Quote by Bizzare/mu/tant
Oh, look. Some people want to have their music in a horrible game.

Oh, look, it's you again spouting crap nobody cares about.
Quote by Bizzare/mu/tant
Oh, look. Some people want to have their music in a horrible game.

Oh look, a Dec 2009'er trolling again.
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TasianSensation: Yes. Absolutely no profit comes out of this unless YOU decide to release it over Xbox LIVE.

IronDevil: Only if you don't have the master tracks I just need to be able to decipher the individual notes.

Krook: Cool. I'm not proficient with vocals yet anyways