Looking for either a reverb or echo stomp box type of deal that I could run my vocals through during a live situation. it would be great to be able to control just like how I control my guitar effects. mostly playing parties, small clubs, galleries, etc. would a boss pedal work okay, or EH? How would I run this into the PA? Any ideas how that would work? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm bein' a noob!
and kind of guitar pedal would do the trick, just as long as it has long enough delay for what you want. try it out in the shop through a microphone. you could run it straight into the p.a. but you'd need a cable that plugs into the end of the mic (XLR female) into a 1/4" that plugs into the pedal, then either run a 1/4 inch cable from that straight into the p.a. or you might need a 1/4" to XLR male.
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