I just got back from Las Vegas and my wife and I were doing a little shopping. We went into this memoribilia store and started looking around. The sales lady said that all signed material was 1/2 off today...wow. I asked if there was any ACDC stuff and she pointed me to a guitar. It was signed by all the current members of ACDC and they were asking $2900 for it. My wife wanted to buy me a b'day gift and she said lets take it. They are going to mount it in a black frame with the Highway to Hell LP and add flames to the background on the backboard. It got the whole thing shipped for $2200, framing, custom design and guitar. I will post a pic once I get it...I am in shock still....
That's cool man, you should build your basement around it, or a MANCAVE!
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But... what sort of guitar is it? I'd assume it was an SG, but what sort of SG? Are you going to play it at all?
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Pictures will surely boost your credibility
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Your wife bought you your guitar? Holy shit bring the flame shield before people start telling about how awesome they are when they owned all their gear and this some how makes them a better person. But yeah pics would be bloody great too
Poor guitar. A life in a frame on a wall. Such a waste.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
it should arrive within 2 weeks then I will post the pics...its not an SG guitar. I talked with the sales lady and apparently ACDC has a contract with a guitar manufacturer just for memoribilia. They will sign these guitars and they are sold to the public. On the face of the guiitar Bon Scott and Brian Johnson are silk screened into it. This guitar will not be played, just admired
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This guitar will not be played
Sounds like an awful guitar anyways.

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just admired
By whom?
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This guitar will not be played, just admired

that makes me sad. hearing that always makes me sad

guitars shouldn't be like paintings
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that makes me sad. hearing that always makes me sad

guitars shouldn't be like paintings

To be fair, it's probably not the most toneful instrment anyway.

But regardless, no guitar deserves a fate in glass casing.

But, congrats!
Sunn O))):
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