... I need some help with the placement of my pedals, so I've got wah, flanger, phase shifter, delay, echo, compression/sustain, noise gate and distortion, and was just after some help with the order to put them in, thanks =]
I would go compressor/sustain, distortion, wah, phase shifter, flanger, delay, echo, noise gate if I were running everything into the front of the amp...

if you have an effects loop you could put the flanger, echo, delay, phase shifter and maybe the noise gate (depending on your amp)...
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brilliant, thank you eyebanez ^^

no prob

there are many variables when it comes to pedal order...some people like fuzz/Overdrive/distortion before the wah...some like it after, some people only run modulation, time-based effects in the loop...but not all amps have an effects loop. A lot of it is experimenting and see what sounds best with your setup.