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White And Rusty

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How this came about:

I went around to a friend's place to have a jam to see if we had "band-chemistry", i.e. if we made a band, would we all click together and get along and stuff like that.
So, the main point of being over there was to work on some serious stuff with lyrics and song-writing and jamming and that sort of stuff. You know, for a SERIOUS band.

And we decide we need to have a warm-up, so I'm thinking of something to jam on, and then I realise that none of us really PLAY the same style of music. We all like the same styles, but I'm the only one there actually playing Metal, pretty much.

So, I remembered that other joke band that I made a while back; Bad Evil and thought "Well, we're just yelling random sh*t and playing bad acoustic stuff.
This made me think that I could pick a random topic and we'd make a hardcore song about it. So, after looking around the little caravan that we were jamming in, I saw a poster on the floor of "Twilight" (It was the guy's brother's by the way. Twilight sucks SO bad.) And I just say to them, why don't we just make a song about "Twilight Sucks"?

They all went for it, and then we decided to record it on one of the guy's computers that were there. It became our first song, entitled "Twilight Sucks". After that, we all got kinda hooked on the idea of making a joke band so we just kept punching out songs. Before we knew it, after about 2 hours of half-*ssed work, our throats were to sore to continue, so we decided to call it a day and jump in the pool.

By the end of the day, we decided to put all the stuff we'd done on CDs for us to listen to when we got home. This became our first album "Paint Job".

This isn't photoshop tricks, well apart from the text that says "White and Rusty" we actually painted "Paint Job" on the side of an old truck with some form of oil. Haha.

I've put the entire album on Grooveshark as well, if any of you care enough to actually listen to them.