heyy guys/girls.

I only started writing a little while ago , and that was because of one girl. But now everything is buggered with her. So that leads me to my problem, i can't seem to write to my own standards anymore. My standards are low but i can't even reach them. I understand writers block, but it shouldn't last a month and a half, when i used to be able to write an okay song in half an hour.

Please can you guys help me? I like writing, and i'd like to be able to do it to an okay standard again. Thank you.
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Writers block can last ages. Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys suffered with it during his depression for at least a year.
Get a sandbox! That's what he did. Helps creativity apparently...
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The half an hour comment makes me think that you were on a roll before, and you don't have writer's block now, you're just experience the normal level of output most people have. It should take you days to drag out lyrics for a song, and a you should continue to revise each song over a period of weeks or months.

Pick topics and write about them. If the song you start to write sucks, try to write to more. If you try three songs on a topic over the course of a few days and it never works, move on to a new topic and start over again. You'll find some that resonate after a while.

Or you can just write about why things went south with that girl. Seems the natural progression if your earlier songs were all about things going great with her.