hello all
i think a thread on these lines might have already be done before but i'm new here. i have been playing guitar for almost nine months and i wanna try my hand at improvisation. i'm looking for some site with some good backing tracks or some free softwares to make some on my own.

i'm mainly into classic rock, blues, metal and a bit of alternative stuff.

thanks in advance.
shred academy has some stuff.

Guitar center puts mp3 backing tracks when king of the blues comes around.

If you're looking for specific song tracks, I use freshbt.com

EDIT: fixed the link. I had "guitarbt.com" which is not it. My bad.
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You tube has a bunch of backing tracks, and maybe you could use audacity to make some of your own?
Audacity and a 1/4" to 1/8" jack adapter - that way you get to practice your rhythm playing to make your own chord progressions, and you can record yourself soloing over them so you can remember any good bits and write them down