I was at a gig on Saturday night and one of the bands were doing a cover of Folsom Prison Blues but with a kind of Garage Rock twist. I was suprised how good it sounded and I'm a big JC fan. they also had a lot of old style rockabilly/rock n roll influenced tracks.

It occured to me that a lot of younger people seem to be getting more into Country and Rockabilly music (no bad thing IMHO)
Hell even Lilly Allen went a (little) country on that track "Not Fair"
What with all the obsession with teenagers buying their checked shirts from topshop etc are we in for a revival which actually adds a new dimension to the genre?

Maybe the whole KOL type Southern Rock explosion has inticed some people to dig a little deeper?

It got me thinking about cycles in music and I remeber a few years back when that young band Daisy Kitty and Lewis were doing a Rockabily thing big things were predicted but haven't heard anything of them since.

So can you see more Indie/Rock bands go down the Country route? Just wondered what you guys thought
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