I got my first 12 string today but i'm finding it really difficuilt to play and was wondering whether this is normal.

The action at the 12th fret is 8mm and this seems very high.

Do i need to lower it?
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Adjust a 12 string is a delicate job i have an Epiphone AJ-15-12, i got the action down to 4/5mm on the 12th fret, i didn't want to attempt it any lower. 12 stringers are a beast to play and with a poor action a lot harder. If you do attempt it then its trial and error i lifted the bridge insert and marked it off in mm then used a carborundum stone then just slot it back in put some tension back in the strings and checked, backed off the strings took it out and took another mm off, repeat till u get it down. Don't be tempted to take it too low as it can result in fret buzz. Failing that take it to a trusted music shop who should know someone to carry it out for you.
Best of luck.
My electric 12 has action of about 1.5mm. Plays like a dream and great for blues.
I had an old EKO acoustic 12 (the neck is now on the Franketoria) that always played pretty light. Usually kept it on DADDAD but it would do E standard without any adjustment. The EKO managed a good action of under 2mm but it had a strange adjustable bridge with end screws like a TOM.
One bit of advice is to keep the G unwound or it will never intonate right with the octave g.
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My Ovation Balladeer is one of the easiest playing 12'ers you will ever play. Its like playing an electric with very low action. The techs at the local shop were amazed at how low the action was and not a buzz to be found.

But as the others have said, if you are not well versed in setting up a guitar, take it in.
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