Im looking to add either a 2 x12 or a 4x12 to use with my classic 30 combo. I was originally set on getting a avatar 4x12, but on craigslist i came across two mesa cabs for alot cheaper. http://norfolk.craigslist.org/msg/1471309522.html assuming these are in good shape and match up with the impedance of my amp are these a good deal?
yeah ive only heard great things about mesa cabs, but i just wanted to make sure those particular speakers are real good. any particular opinions on which set would be better.
Anything Mesa is amazing.

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Idd say mesa, i own mesa 4x12 cab and its amazing. Especially the low sounds are just gorgeous!
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Just get the one with the Eminence and Celestions. The Marshall speakers are not really good.

Marshall uses Celestions.
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Marshall uses Celestions.

The ones in the ad were pulled from 2x12 cabs...probably the MC-series...which means they are Marshall speakers with a small Celestion logo on them