You can find it on My profile

Backing track I made myself with DFH, She's played tuned down to C standard just for the little extra bite of badassness. I might be tempted to set aside a few hours to do a cover of the whole song someday.

appreciate some C&C please.
Rly nice!
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Very nice mate,

All i would say is that a couple of the bends aren't quite there also half way through the solo, just before the run down the neck it's not too clean and slightly out of time.

But all in all 7 out of 10, very good cover!

If you could crit the cover of the song on my profile please
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That sounds killer they way you did it in standard C tuning, way to give it your own spin. No crit here.
^ agree

flawless man, i've never heard orion being played downtuned but it sounds good. Would love to hear the lead parts that comes after this solo, bet those would sound amazing downtuned.
sounds great! the de-tuning makes it sound a bit different, but good! \m/
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The C tuning makes these thing even more grim than the original. I love it.