Was just having a flick through all my recordings and i came across this lil' bugger - it seemed worthy of an upload, so i just brushed the dust off and stuck it on. I think i did this one about 6 months ago? I can't remember what tuning it was in (Standard or Eb, one of the two).

Equipment (if you can call it that) is all the same, Jackson JS30RR, Rock Band mic into Audacity and a Line 6 Spider III.

As always, ill c4c

Btw :- im working on re-doing some of the songs in my profile with drums and more bearable guitar tone, should be done in the next few weeks
sorry for the bumpage, but ive been quite busy so i havent had the chance to sit down and listen to what everyone else has got on atm. itll be nice to see what you guys think of it, and C4C as promise, might be a bit late as im busy but ill have a good listen to what you've got
It's good... Kinda cliche intro, but that can be worked through. i like the idea a lot.
this song would sound a 1000000 times better if you changed the drum beat around in parts. it's a really slow pattern that makes it more lifeless... that would increase the awesomeness of this song indefinitely.