I've got an Ibanez RG550EX that I have lying around and it's not doing much. I was thinking of modding the Ibanez just so I have something to do with it, however, I'm sorta unoriginal with ideas of what to do with it!

I was thinking of stripping the finish from the body and doing some sorta different colour or something. However this is my first time doing this so I'm kinda apprehensive doing this so I'll need some help regarding this.

I was also thinking off changing out the horrendous stock pickups and putting in either Swineheads / Dimarzios / Bareknuckles. Any recommendations?

Also, I intended on changing the tuning from E standard to D standard with a change of gauge .009s to .011s.

Any opinions? Any would be helpful!
Check out Irongear pickups.
I wouldn't touch the finish unless its really bad. 550s are well respected and will not lose any value if kept close to original. Even a great respray will cut its value a lot.
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Revalue doesn't matter to me much,, I intend on keeping this one. Lo-pro and it was my first Ibanez. It carries some sentimental value.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention. My brother has Irongear pickups but I didn't like them so much. I play stuff along the lines of Progressive metal like Meshuggah, Opeth, Veil Of Maya, Born of Osiris, BTBAM, Cynic etc.
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Slap in a small sustainer with LEDS at the end of the neck (thus keeping both your pickups of choice)..


here's a thread showing how I did it (yes it's my video above)


Wow. I don't think I have the skill or equipment to even start that project. But that is one TOTALLY BADASS mod.
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Try something like this:

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Try something like this:

Holy Crap!
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Bump! Is no one going to help me!?

Why do modifications to a guitar if you don't even know what you want as an end result? Generally mods are done to achieve some sort of end, their not just done....e.g., tone is too bright, so I'll put in some Duncans, trem is lame so I'll fit a new one, tuning is unstable so I'll install locking tuners, frets are too small so I'll slap in jumbos....

Anyways, if you really need ideas:

1. Learn to solder up your own original wiring harness/electronics scheme.
2. Install new pickups/tuners/pickguard.
3. Refinish with a rad color that's 4 teh lolz
4. Re-radius to something you like better + put in a different fret size
5. Scallop the fingerboard