I love how people who listen to rap like "trying" to make fun of rock saying that rockers have long hair and look like girls or say they look like idiots jumping around. Well you know what. Rappers are the most uncreative people. Ever. They take ROCK music WITHOUT PERMISSION and then use it in there songs and change the complete meaning. For example:
Let's Go by Twistah. They took Ozzy's Crazy train without permission.

Whatcha Say by Jason DeRulo. The original song was called Hide and Seek, it was about WWII and they changed it into a song about a girl.

I believe music is music. But I don't like it when another genre ruins another.
wow, I don't like em either, stop whining

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Believe it or not, hip hop is facing the same prejudice that rock, metal, jazz, electronic music, even the piano and the saxophone has had in the past (or is having right now). It's not "destroying music" it's trying to push the boundaries of music. And I find that putting an old sample in new context to make it something new is a fascinating way of working. Ever heard of "found poetry?" Or "collages?" It's the same principle.
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