So I buy a pair of Squier Bullets to donate to a local music school after I give them complete setups. The first is an Arctic White which had two EXTREMELY low frets that caused complete fretting out even at an action as high as 2.5MM (now at 1.6/1.3 low/high thanks to a full level/crown/dress). So, I pull off the neck and here's what the neck pocket looks like....and the pics make it look more even than it actually is:

What in the world are they using to rout the pocket with.....I've never seen such a crappy pocket in my life. The pickguard will be pulled tomorrow when a better 3-ply arrives.....wonder what the routing underneath will look like. I haven't touched the second Bullet yet, but I doubt it's much better.

From what I've seen so far, these Chinese made bullets are built much worse than the old Indonesian ones. The necks have a really odd back profile near the headstock and heel....nothing like a normal Fender style neck. Bullets used to be fun modding platforms, but these new ones are NOT.
The neck pocket on my Squier Buller Strat was nothing like that, looked perfectly fine, just seems you were unlucky in getting a decent one

Some are good quality some aren't thats how its always been with Squier
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Don't wanna trolling or causing an armageddon here, but:

My brother in law owns a music shop, so i can try every single model of any guitar brand whenever i want. Can try them through the various amps, can borrow them for a few days etc.

My first guitar was Squier bullet strat and it was a pure shit. Since then, i'm checking out both "normal" and "fancy" Squiers and they're still pure shit, including Classic vibe series.

I have nothing against cheapos, all of my guitars are basically cheapos, but i'd never buy any Squier again.
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I think you need to send photos to Fender and demand a refund.

I'm sending photos to Fender not for a refund but simply to point out what kinda crap is coming out of their Chinese factory. I have the knowledge to fix all the issues and it's not worth my effort to send it back. What bothers me most is knowing that there will be thousands of young children receiving similar quality guitars for Xmas as their first guitar.

FWIW, I own a Squier '51 that I absolutely love. Indonesian made with fabulous neck and a flawless body (routs and all).
The bullet series are just over a 100$ bucks so yea some short cuts and shoddy work is expected. A friend has some no name strat copy, 100$ new, and its fret work is brutal to say the least.

Not sure what they were trying to accomplish in the pic but bass wood is pretty soft so not hard at all to get carried away with a wood chisel. And they arent gonna dump the body because a new worker screwed it up. The standard series they put a little more work into.

Im sure an email to fender will be pretty much ignored. They may well know what goes on in the chinese plant, just dont care as the per unit cost stays close to the goals they set.
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The bullet series are just over a 100$ bucks so yea some short cuts and shoddy work is expected.

Most cheapies are lacking in quality hardware/electronics and have almost zero hand-finishing. However, the bodies/necks are usually just fine thanks to modern mfg techniques.....you'll have to give some hand finishing to the frets but that's usually all.

I love turning cheapies into players but these Chinese squiers are some of the worst cheapies I've come across in the last couple of years.....reminds me of the cheapies of 20 years ago. At least the body is now solid wood and not plywood on the Bullets.
No one has congradulated the TS for doing such a good deed yet, very cool of you man.
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