great job!
few mess ups here and there but
it was a great

love the guitar switch in the middle haha
and one of my fav tallica songs

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Not bad guy :-) One of my favorite songs. I do have one thing though, one of my FAVORITE parts of the song is the little gallop James does out of nowhere at 1:25. Don't forget it! I love little stuff like that.
Great work dude! Seriously solid playing there! You did the first and second solo's justice, they were practically note for note

I give ya 9/10 only for the third solo being left out. Enjoyed watching that
good job! few little mistakes.. nothing big though.. only thing i'd say is if your gonna keep posting cover videos, i'd look into buying an hd camcorder.. youtube is going to be supporting 1080p shortly and an hd camcorder will do wonders for your video quality.. i bought a sony webbie hd for around $170.. it was probably the best one under $200 and you half to buy a memory stick.. go to buy.com for that, they are half price what best buy will charge you.. check out my covers and let me know what you think!