According to Celestion's website there are at least 3-4 kinds of Greenback 12" speakers.

There is the G12M Heritage Series 20 watt, G12H Heritage Series 30 watt, G12M 'Greenback' 25 watt, --these three all have green backs. Then there is the G12H 30 watt which, being a G12H should be quite like the G12H Heritage Series because it is a G12H, but it does NOT have a green back, it is plain.

So what's the diff in these four, anyone know? They all have other differences too. Frequency response, etc.

What are the originals, which one do you guys mean when you say Greenback, do they all sound the same? What?

i think when they say "green back" they mean the 25watt one. at least thats whats in my amp and its referred to as greenbacks. besides you put it in quotes for a reason didnt you?
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far as i'm aware, only the 20 watt heritage and 25 watt g12m greenback are considered to be "greenbacks"; the g12h30 is a different type of speaker. i've only tried the g12h30 heritage speaker, though, so i can't help with how they differ in sound...
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Greenback really just means G12M speakers, either 20 watt or 25 watt.

The Heritage 20 watters are based on the originals.