This is my first tube amp, its a crate v50, has three 12ax7a preamp tubes and two 6L6GC power tubes... i dont really understand how different tubes affect different things.

I really love the clean channel on the amp, what im after is a better drive channel as the one i currently have is really kind of dark and harsh sounding. Ive just been using different pedals thru the clean channel for my "overdrive channel" but i feel like im making no use of the full capabilities of a tube amp...

Im looking to change out some tubes for something that distorts kind of early, i dont want to have to crank the amp beyond belief for any kind of overdrive. I dont even really know what tubes affect my drive channel.

Maybe you can tell, but i have little experience in messing with amps...

Please, any info and help with how it works, and maybe some recommendations for what i should do would be awesome!