I play in a band and use a variety of effects pedals. In our last gig some beer spilt straight over about 3 of the pedals (Boss Tuner, Boss RV-5 Reverb, Electro Harmonix Pulsar Tremolo Pedal). The reverb pedal completely crackles and goes quiet when it is in the rig, the tuner still works but the LED's go a bit crazy sometimes and the Tremolo pedal is just a bit crackly when turned on.

I was wondering whether you could advise on the best option to take. Should I just get some brand new ones and hope to get something for the broken pedals on ebay or should I look to get them all fixed by a technician or someone?
I need them for the new year really because we hope to record late January and have a few gigs too.

Thanks a lot.
if it just happened recently, you might try taking the pedals apart and checking for liquid still in the chassis....this might help dry out the electronics too. Usually liquid + electronics is fatal for the device...and they will never act right again.