Hey guys, I've seen two different versions of the intro to Call of Ktulu. I'm wondering which is really correct and I'm having difficulty figuring it out from the song. This first one is from the only 5-star text tab on UG:



And this version is from a 5-star guitar pro file and a 5-star rated YouTube video lesson (if that is of any value...)


							|1.		   |
							      end Rhy Fig 1

In case you didn't catch it, the difference is in the 6th note of each measure. The two tabs are a tone apart.

Thanks in advance.
Who cares, both in same key, both sound like the intro and probably no one can tell the difference.

Use the one that sounds best to you.
Thanks guys!

I think I will be practicing the Guitar Pro version (7 5 5 6 instead of 7 7 5 6).
I kinda disagree. I've been plaing that for 25 years and I've always played it the first way. As soon as I tried the GP version it sounded off. Granted I've never had a Cherry Lane tab book or anything on it but it seems logical also that if he's picking the G string on the A# and the C that he'd be doing the same on the Dm. The differences are almost imperceptible though. I find the first easier and more natural to play also.