I wrote this in class a few days ago. Kind of a post-hardcore swing. If anyone has any thoughts to share, I'd really appreciate it. and C4C, of course.

What did you think would happen
Did you think he wouldn't notice
You left him high and dry and now it's pouring rain

This soapbox derby's rigged
and mother showers dirt upon my face
but the avalanche leaves no evidence behind

Welcome, to the planets of hate
Welcome, please enjoy your stay
Welcome, you'll never leave
Goodbye, the ocean waves

Eye for eye, living side by side
I for I, what makes you so fucking special?

Look around, how many people would you set ablaze?
Count backwards to squelch the burning desire
Lamb to the slaughter, follow the siren's song
little did we know, this has all been a fuckin' dream

Staring into the looking glass
A stranger stands before me
He looks so familiar
why can't I recognize
my own skin?

Ruptured eardrums will be the path to your salvation
When you can't hear, and they don't care
Less will matter
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..Bob Barker isn't dead.

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Nothing is impossible if you're on acid!

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What if the NES breaks? WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?
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