Anyone do this? If so, what do you normally remix?

I've only just started writing complete songs recently. I've got a heap of experience writing melodies and progressions and even drum beats, just no experience writing songs. So today (more like yesterday, it's about 5am here and I'm pulling an all nighter), I wrote a song, rendered it in FL and realised that it sucked. I had no idea why.

5 hours later and after listening to heaps of new and old songs, I realised why my song sucked. The beat was slow and had no drive nor had it any originality, the backing strings were using a really dirty synth that sounded simply like distant rumbling, had no real introduction (it just... started), the cadence the song used was weak as hell and the whole song was about 100 bpm too slow. I fixed it up, rendered it and it sounds loads better. Much better. I may even post both mixes on my profile later.

It turns out your best critic is yourself. Who'd a thought?

Any like experiences guys?
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^ i remix lots of "stuff" of my own though i never post them. its partly for fun and partly just to see what else i can do with something i record. the actual UG Jam that we just did was a "remix" of an acoustic song that i wrote and transposed to piano/strings (the end i jammed over was the original acoustic version)

for mose of my stuff though i find i often take pieces of the melody or bass that i like and remix it with drums. sometimes i'll keep the bass line and replace the guitars with synth that mimics it (or vice versa, maybe keep the guitars and use a simple synth bass line) sometimes i'll add underlying drumbeats or switch it around & use completely different percussion. really for remixing stuff i just kinda let my imagination go wild and see what i can do with the song.

but i've spent hours and hours and hours remixing stuff before only to go to it the next day and think "what was i thinking, this is terrible"
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