I've recently got a new (old) five string Jazz which will be my main bass until it breaks so the idea is to turn it into a superbass. The first thing that needs to change is the bridge, which sucks. Its a Badass Bridge (I not II) and I don't care for it much. I lacks sustain and the strings slip out when I put my massive hands' weight on them which is a problem as I rest me thumb on the string below.
I'll admit it, I know bugger all about bridges, all I know is that bigger means more sustain and Badass II and Gotoh are good options.
So what do?
The first thing to consider when changing out a bridge is "will it fit?" The Badass II bridge is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Fender Jazz bridges, which means that no drilling is required. They make a 5-string version, but the problem with the Badass design is that in most cases, the bridge saddles are not grooved for the strings. You either have to cut the grooves yourself, or have a repair technician do it. There is a version of the Badass bridge called the Badass II(2) that comes with pre-grooved saddles. I don't know if they make one for the 5-string Jazz bass, but if they do and you can find one, grab it. It will serve you well and give you all of the sustain you might ever need.

Gotoh, Schaller and Hipshot are the other alternatives. Gotoh makes a few bridges that are meant to be drop-in replacements for the Fender Jazz, and they are nicely made. I have a Gotoh bridge on my Aerodyne Jazz and it works very well. The Hipshot bridges are first-rate in design and build quality, but they will probably require you to drill new mounting holes. They are one of the most massive aftermarket bridges available, so if you like your bridges big, go with the hipshot. The Schaller bridges are great, but like the Hipshot, they will probably require you to drill a few new mounting holes. Their quality is second to none, though.

The Gotoh will be the least expensive of the bunch. Warmoth and All Parts are good places to look for bridges.
Badass and Gotoh. Those are your go-to for drop-in replacement bridges for a Fender Jazz bass. The reason your strings are slipping on your current Badass I bridge is probably (a.) the old owner never cut grooves in the saddles for the strings, or (b.) he did a piss poor job of it.
look at the gotoh on stewmac if it exists in ol crumpet land.
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Gotoh 201 5 string model bridge will be perfect.
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gotoh 201 for 5 string.


easily the best bridge you could ever buy that'll drop right into a fender
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Sorry to hijack this, but I don't think it warrants its own thread.

With bridges, does it matter if they're left or right handed? I know it sounds stupid, but I know it matters for guitar (Tremolo can only go on one side) but does it apply for bass?
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Doesnt matter the saddles will be the same, but make sure all the screw holes match up if you dont want to drill new ones.
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i got the badass II on two of my basses...both with no grooves in the saddles and it sustains relative/ly well.
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^^ get your saddles grooved you will really notice a difference especially in action because strings wil be lowererd that extra part of an inch and i can't tell you how much difference that makes

i kinda like the badass1 if you dont like the badass1 im not sure you will like the badass2 it might be best if you go with a different brand. i love my badass2 tho and i would reccomend it.
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