I wasn’t aware SMB put out a new album until last week. I picked this up a couple days back and have been fairly pleased with it. As an old Dregs fan this album has been a pleasant surprise. I was looking for something new to add into my iTunes rotation and this fits in nicely. The overall production and diversity of the music styles on it for the song selection is wonderful. This album captures the power and intensity of these three great musicians and still has the control and beauty that the Dregs always had for me. John Deere Letter, Time Junction and Brink of the Edge are tracks that really stand out for me. I recommend checking this out if you are a fan of Steve’s projects. Has anyone else picked this up?

"But that's how it's got to be.It's coming down to,
Nothing more than apathy.I'd rather run the other way,
Than stay and see"umgd.