ok guys, help needed.

Basicly i think my amp is brown bread.

Its a vox ad50vt, had it about 3 years and its worked fine up untill literally 5 minutes ago. Plugged guitar in, turned amp on, started strumming away to hear the volume, needed to turn it up so i did, strummed the guitar a little louder to give more attack, and that was when it happened. a loud crackling noise, sounded like a F***ed up tremelo ( only way i can really describe it). turned it of, turned it back on no crackling. turned volume back up, strummed guitar, and it returns.

Guys what has happend?? help, typical, i need it for band practice tomorrow aswell ¬¬.

That tube probably died. the vt's have poweramp tubes right? If they are cathode biased (which i think they are, not sure) you need to replace it.

Take it to a tech and tell him that the tube is blown

Tubes blow after 3-5 years, so you don't have to worry about it being your amp breaking down