Basically guys, I'm having a couple of guitars made for me by my mums boyfriend who's a wood professional and has built guitars before

He has offered to build me 2 for free and has asked me to get some plans

So, if anyone has any, can you send me over the plans for a Ricky 4003 bass and a Jackson RR24 guitar?

Or if you know where to get these from?

Mainly after the RR24 plans but I'd love to get my hands on both

Cheers guys
I doubt those plans exist, especially for free.

If you could get them, then they will most likely cost quite a bit of money. You could ask your mum's boyfriend as to where you could get those plans.

Check eBay out, as well as (And definitely) google. If that fails, you can find someone who is good at CAD work, and have them come up with a vector format/outline of the guitar, and if you get access to a humungous printer (Kinkos?) you can have it printed out full size.
Cheers for the replies guys. I'm going to keep looking about but i will also keep waiting to see if any comes up with any results
look for metal_matt's vector template thread, he should be able to do those both for you if he hasn't already
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Nah just does it for fun and experience. Did me the templates for Wal basses

Just remember to say thank you
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You have amazing taste in men.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
cheers for the link mate, went on his thread and unfortunately it's not what i want. i need all the measurements and angles for all the bevels and curves of the body as well as the depth of the floyd rose gap

Basically, the whole works =P haha
Just wondering something
If you can get 2 guitars completely made for you, why get guitars that you can already buy??
Why not get some original and plan it yourself?