This isn't really my best work, but I was bored, and decided to wright something. it's decent I think.

And she said don’t worry
Because things
I will fix this
For you and me
I said don’t worry
Oh please
I will fix this
Before it destroys us

The days drug out
And I was as forgetful as I ever was
We kept replaying the same fight over and over again
We kept replying the same fight over in our minds
She would sing
Those songs that could make me believe
Things are okay
She would never call!
And I never seen!
She would always run off
I would forget everything!

Oh this is all over now
The words have bin said
This was just a dream I say
This was a dream
Waking up to find out
The dirt still tastes the same
She has never done this before
Everything has changed
Oh coming back to the beginning
The final piece to the ending
And I would scratch out my eyes
Just so I can’t see
I would rip off my ears
So I wouldn’t hear your voice

She was always one the phone with her friends
I never new their names
She would always talk to them
I never questioned what they would say
Oh The calls
The calls!!
I ignore the calls!
The Calls!
The calls
She took everything
The calls!
The calls!
I don’t want to hear your voice

I can still feel your skin
Decaying mine
I will never forget
Last night

I remember our last dance
Wasn’t it so beautiful?
You would always laugh
As I kissed your hand
But now as I found out
There was always a secret
Beneath another secret
Tell me his name so I can…..
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa