Hi UG.

Does anybody else have problems playing right up the neck (12th fret onwards?)
Past 12th, my fingers become wildly inaccurate and the notes sound forced. It's impossible for me to do any legato up there, and my fingers just don't land in the right place, or don't have enough pressure down, or maybe too much. I don't know!

Any tips?
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Just practice I guess - the basic 1-2-3-4 fretting exercise will help you hit notes cleanly.
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Practice at a slow tempo, and gradually speed up a little for each time you repeat.
Very slow. Slow I said!

Try an MAB exercise like this (Use a metronome if you have one):

e------------------------------------------1h2h4 2h3h5---------
E 1h2h4-----------------------------------------------------------

and etc....

you can move this to any position on the neck. Then try with string skipping.

E 1h2h4

and etc....

You are down picking on the first note of each part. When you come back up you are down picking also. Then try both with up. Then alternate. After these do the same thing over except with no hammers, with all picking patterns. Use pull-offs, slides, etc...

Start at the lowest point and go all the way up then back down.

Slowly to start. Increase the BPM by 10 each time you go through a complete set up and down without a mistake. If you mess up go down 10 BPM.

Hope this helps.
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Check freep's posture vid to make sure you're not just holding it at a really awkward angle thats making life hard for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyvGD9edWcg&feature=PlayList&p=FA239CA8EF73CEC9&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1

I think legato is actually easier past the 12th fret.

The only glaring problem I have high up on the neck is getting those high notes (20-24 fret) to ring clearly.