Hey all. This is my first time here, and I sure hope I've got the correct forum to ask my question.

I'm trying to learn Tommy Emmanuel's Angelina. I've got the tabs, and there's so much info on YouTube, yet it's taking what seems like forever to learn it.

I'm an intermediate player, but it's been only about 6 months that I've been studying fingerstyle ala Chet Atkins, Emmanuel, etc. (I always used flat picking), and I'm just recently learning to read tab (I'm certainly not fluent, but I seem to get by).

Anyway, in general, how long should it take to learn a song such as the one I'm working on? I've been working on it for about a month, and I'm just getting through the introduction and the first verse. It's terribly slow for me, and I'm afraid I'm getting bored with it.

Any help?

Thanks so much,

Chet W
There's no set time that it should take to learn something. It takes a while to become as good at finger style as Emmanuel. And after that, you have to train your fretting hand to play the right notes. Just take it slow. If you get bored, take a break for a day. Play some other stuff you're more used to and then come back to it later. Good luck.
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Probably the answer you don't want to hear but I'll say it anyways:

As long as it takes.

People (including me) get to caught up in "if I practice this song for an hour a day, I should have it down in 12 days."
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People (including me) get to caught up in "if I practice this song for an hour a day, I should have it down in 12 days."

Yep, that's where I'm at. I've been doing about 30 minutes per several sessions a day, and it just seems I should be further along. It occurs to me that perhaps I'm not adept enough at reading tab, so guess I need to study that a bit more.

Funny thing is that I don't really think the song is that difficult for someone more advanced than myself.

Thanks to everyone for the replies, I really appreciate them.
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You noticed how I didn't say it was a good thing, right?

This is just my opinion but you don't really know for sure when should have the song down. You can learn a song in a certain period of time but you really have to work at and you still can't know for sure when that's going to happen.

In order to do that, you should have a solid grasp of where you're at, as in your abilities. I don't know about you but I surprise myself all the time. My instructor introduces me to a new song and I'm like "man, I'll never be able to do that" and a week later I have it down. It also works the other way around, which would be your case.
wait what....people get "fluent" at reading tabs? I've never thought of it as reading sheet music, it takes much less brain work, imo.
^Ha, I'm always 'the exception'

Yeah, it's not hard just playing whatever notes you should based on the tab but you also have the rhythm (counting), which can be difficult. That's why if I need tabs, I buy them. They are mostly accurate and have the length of each note. Anyways, sheet music, in my opinion, are similar to tabs besides the fact the notes aren't written out for you.
I can't read sheet music at all, so when I use tabs, I will also have the song playing, as needed, if I don't already know it (I've always played by ear, and only recently have I picked up learning tab). Add the fact that I've just recently learned fingerstyle, so reading tab becomes a bit more tedious for me.

I agree on purchasing tabs rather than using the free stuff online. I was lucky enough to find out that Tommy Emmanuel offers his music free online at: http://tommyemmanuel.wordpress.com/gitar-tabok/