Hi all

What do you guys think of the MXR Micro Amp pedal? Its pretty simple and I might buy one on Trade me (NZ version of Ebay) cause its like 30 bucks lol.

Any good or nah?
Haha Ill have to watch it when I get home...

It just went over 40 bucks (so like US$30) worth it?
if you're going to use it, yeah
i think it's overpriced honetsly, i know i bought mine for 80-90 bucks (CAD) and it's just a volume boost... but for 30$ it's a steal go for it! that's what an EHX lpb1 is worth

that said, when the pedal is on, you can't tell it's on, it's perfectly transparent. and the bypass is all good.
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Would it help drive a tube amp?

yes, for example, I use mine to boost my amp into a slight overdrive...
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