The Boss GT-10B pedalboard has a whole ton of bass effects, and reverb is finally included. However, I noticed I can't find a stand-alone reverb pedal designed for basses. I know bass tends to sound like trash with a lot of effects, which is why the pedals always come "guitar-first," but come on- reverb is one of the best effects of them all. Who doesn't want their bass to echo even more? BOSS has some bass-specific pedals, but no reverb, unless you blow $500 on the GT-10B, which some of us chumps can't afford.

Is there one I'm not seeing?
maybe a cheap revers would make the bass...hmmm...you know...put out those ferquencies that u just can't stand. I dont know how to say it...or maybe it would cause feedback feedback.
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reverb pedals (digital ones at least) echo the higher frequencies so it would be kinda pointless on bass.

And the reason no one makes a reverb pedal for bass is the same reason why bands that play in drop C rarely use reverb, it sounds muddy as hell.
How was EBS not the first place you looked when looking for a bass-specific pedal?!


Digital reverbs sound fine on bass. Most of the "echo" bounces back as higher frequencies, but if you keep the levels in check you'll have plenty of bass response. I constantly use a cheap behringer reverb pedal, and as long as I'm not competing with distorted chugging guitars (and what kind of music would you even be playing if you wanted those guitars and bass reverb?) Works great for ambient stuff, works great for accompanying my slow gear clone, which is why I bought it.

I'd go for the EBS if I had the cash, so that I could use even more without losing bass, but the guitar version is fine in the mean time.
i got a chorus pedal that can sound like reverb.
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yeah you dont need a bass specific pedal for reverb. obviosly try out whatever pedal you have in mind first to make sure it sounds right to you and it has the controls you need but you can feel free to try whatever reverb pedal it doesent matter all that matters is that it gives you the tone that you want from it
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