Hello there!
I dont know if this is really the place to ask but i have quite a few questions with just no idea where to go.

So here it is I'm a british citizen (17years old) Living in france and have been for the last 15Years, And i'm currently studying A levels through Icslearn.
Now I would really like to study in The US and after quite a few hours search I came across the musicians institue which ends up to be my idealistic choice to pursue my education.

Being really passionate about music since a young age ( Started drums when i was 4 and now have been playing the guitar and synth for a couple of years) , Also having mixed and helped produce small EP's for garage bands here in france.

I would really like to Move To Hollywood or area and follow the Audio engineer course and wanted to get some extra information and possibly contacts who would be interested in just talking to get a feel of the area.

Also is it possible... considering i only have A levels since my GSCE equivalent is a french diploma + a conservatoir study level in music?

Thank you for you time and sorry if this is inadequate.
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thats awesome man. if ur parents support u thats prety cool. A levels are quite universal so as long as u achieve the required grades in relevant subjects itshould be fine. the only problem will be the costs coz uran internationsal student.
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Nah its for your own good.

Anyway, I can't really help with your question, all I can suggest is to look on the school's website for admission requirements. Or try emailing the school admin.
Musicians Institute in L.A. maybe?
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Yep I guess finding a place to live, paying for the course , food etc is not going to be cheap but i've been putting money aside for the last year and still have about a year and a half of studying which should cover half of the college cost, perents are really into the idea too so there shouldn't be too much of an issue there.

Just kind of scared its a huge jump but i think it would be something to remember and given the chance so worth it. I've studied in slovakia a couple of years back and met guys from NY and florida which was great. Just love the american culture i guess.
Thanx for the feedback =)

Not really looking to be famous or anything, Just want to live music, to study and meet people as enthusiastic as me and these courses seem amazing, having the chance to live 4 years in LA at least too.
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Nah its for your own good.

Anyway, I can't really help with your question, all I can suggest is to look on the school's website for admission requirements. Or try emailing the school admin.

Definitely. Get in touch with the registrar/admissions people as soon as possible. They'll work with you. And if they won't, find a different school, seriously.


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thats where im goin im leavin in april mos def do it, there are a shitload of people from other countries goin to school there. if your parents arent rich you better start workin on scholarships cuz parking alone there costs 300 a month, rent will run ya about 1200-1600 a month not including utilities.
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I'll give that a go. Seems like things are more efficient than i thought over there for international students. I guess i'm just used to stuck up france

Jeez thanx all didn't think i would get so many answers in like 5mins... Yeah i guess cost is really going to be an issue what are these scholarships? Is it possible to find shared appartments?

Been on these forums for ages now this gives me a good reason to start posting and hopefully also giving out some help to others
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Your most difficult hurdle may be in getting a student visa.
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Yeah That does scare me a little... MI seem to help with that though so once again finding out as much as possible through them is probably the best
Having done a little research they offer quite a wide array of Scholarships although most of them dont apply to me... seemingly the only course without a particular one is the one i wish to study. Hehe, although some might be possible, might even consider going for drum course or even Music Business