hey, basically ive been looking at/ saving up for an ibanez s guitar for a while now. the spec of the guitars is perfect for what im looking for (lightweight, HSH, locking trem) , but ive never found one (non prestige - im short of cash!) in a colour that really appeals to me. so i was wondering, does anyone know when the next batch of new S's in new colours will be released, or even have a faint idea? i dont wanna spend all my money on a guitar, then to have the new ones released, and see a colour that i like more! i found two guitars that i thought were both awesome, but of course, both weren't available in the UK easily!

heres the two guitars, just if youre curious



also, anyone know of any guitar models similar to the ibanez s, in the same price range??

Why don't you ask the store you're buying from when they'll be getting more in, or if they could order you in the one in the colour you like
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i asked, they said they couldnt import the S09ltd2, cos its not a uk release. i managed to find one of the S09ltd1's, which are pretty rare, but it sold before i could gather the money!
They had one on guitarguitar.co.uk for about £449 its a stunning guitar I really want it.