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Welcome one and all to P1ayingW1thF1re's The Not-So-Popular Bands Thread! I've attempted this several times before, as well as Magero, but it has gotten away from us each run. Hopefully this time that won't happen.

This idea spawned when I realized how much I hate all the threads on random bands that pop up in the metal forum every couple days. They get 10 replies or so and then sink into the abyss. For those of you that don't know, the point of this thread is to catalog obscure metal bands of various subgenres and get them more listeners. I will be posting them here in an organized list, along with some links and various information about them for your convenience.

To get a band in here, simply go the website and type in the group's name here:

The number of plays the band has will look like this:

If the band has less than 100,000 plays total, they are allowed in this thread (yes, I know these numbers increase over time. We'll go from the date cataloged). If they have less than 5,000 plays, you get kvlt points to work towards one of our great prizes!

(just kidding)

I would also appreciate a country of origin and a myspace link or band website. I'll generally be using Metal-Archives for genres. Remember people, I'm a fairly busy person, so the less work you leave for me to do, the easier it will be for me to keep this thread updated, and the more obscure bands there will be for you to feast your ears upon.

Some Rules/Information
1. Deathcore and metalcore are allowed, although I will be the deciding factor as to whether the bands belong in the metal forum or not.

2. No hating or flaming. A band is still obscure even if they suck.

3. Keep genre debates to a bare minimum, although I'd like to know if I'm incorrect about any classifications.

4. If any links are not working, or there are other problems with this thread that need addressing, please tell me.

5. Last but not least...enjoy!


Altar of Plagues (UK) myspace
Dorotha (Finland) metal-archives
Eminenz (Germany) myspace
Ghast (UK) myspace
Ode (Netherlands)
Panopticon (USA) myspace
Posthum (Norway) myspace
Strid (Norway) myspace
Sui Caedere (Canada) myspace
Winterfylleth (UK) myspace
Wodensthrone (UK) myspace

Alba Gu Bràth (UK) myspace
Askival (UK) myspace
Cnoc An Tursa (UK) myspace
Einvera (USA) myspace
Martolea (Romania) myspace
Old Corpse Road (UK) myspace
Sig:Ar:Tyr (Canada) myspace
Windrider (UK) myspace

Arsebreed (Netherlands) myspace
Corpus Mortale (Denmark) myspace
Insidious Decrepancy (USA) myspace

Archaicus (UK) myspace
Inward Escape (Australia)

The Analyst (USA) myspace
Structures (Canada) myspace
Sumatra (Russia) myspace
Upon a Burning Body (USA) myspace

Convulse (Finland) myspace
Heaps of Dead (Canada) myspace
Hellmasker (Sweden) myspace
Infester (USA) myspace
Luciferion (Sweden) myspace
Morpheus Descends (USA) myspace
Mortal Decay (USA) myspace
Rippikoulu (Finland) myspace

Poema Arcanus (Chile) myspace

Annwn (UK) myspace
Folkvang (Sweden) myspace
Jaldaboath (UK) myspace
Northern Oak (UK) myspace
Ravenage (UK) myspace

Brazen Bull (Australia) myspace

Blackguard (Canada) myspace
Fractal Gates (France) myspace
Path of Golconda (Germany) myspace
Warbreed (Argentina) myspace

PROGRESSIVE METAL (includes prog death)
The Great Collapse (Canada) myspace

Blasphtized (UK) myspace
Cerebral Incubation (USA) myspace
Frogkill (Germany)
Impulsive Evisceration (Germany) myspace
Jenovavirus (Japan) website
Parasitic Extirpation (USA) myspace
Short Bus Pile Up (USA) myspace

Pitbulls in the Nursery (France) myspace
Vomit the Hate (Tunisia) myspace

Acrophet (USA) myspace
Evildead (USA) myspace
Lazarus A.D. (USA) myspace
Mental Care Foundation (Finland) myspace
Rosenfeld (Japan)

Consecrated Flesh (UK) (Black/Thrash/Death Metal) myspace
Cormorant (USA) (Progressive/Black Metal) myspace
Darkest Era (UK) (Folk/Heavy Metal) myspace
Somnolence (USA) (Experimental/Black Metal) myspace
Trepalium (France) (Groove/Death Metal) myspace
Wastelander (USA) (Thrash/Black Metal) myspace
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Perhaps. In my opinion its rather blackened crust aha but whatever, maybe putting a "unique" section with the band's subgeneres listed next to them would be a good idea, eh?
Glance into my eyes
and see the darkest shadows dancing
Playing in the desert of my life
Burning, -
and my soul is descending...

Plugging in old school death metal

Morpheus Descends

For shits and giggles
Aryavarta 3,468 plays
Space Bong 2,475 plays
Woebegone Obscured 773 plays
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ
Sikfuk (brutal death/grindcore): Minnesota, US

47,883 plays

Mortal Decay (death metal): New Jersey, USA

27,330 plays

Heaps of Dead (death metal): Peterborough, Canada

3,848 plays (woo kvlt points!!)
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I've heard Trepalium; they are pretty cool.

Unfortunately I have a lot of homework tonight, so further updates will most likely be pushed back to tomorrow or later.
pod people, stoner doom from canberra, australia.

only 14,000 or so listens on last fm...
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Don't **** with my mad-obscure (and somewhat sad) slam knowledge.
Also, I can't be ****ed to get myspace links.

Cerebral Incubation (USA)

Short Bus Pile Up (USA)

Frogkill (EXTRA BONUS POINTS MOTHA****AAA, 1000ish plays) (Germany)
Frogkill doesn't have a myspace anymore. I'm one of the few lucky dudes to have snagged this cat's demo.

Impulsive Evisceration (Germany)
Is there some kind of super bonus kvlt points? Cause bro only has like 100 plays.

Jenovavirus (Japan) (also have no myspace)

Blasphtized (UK)

Parasitic Extirpation (more extra points!!!!) (USA)

Goddamn I'm awesome.

edit: fine, got myspace links.
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Strid (Sweden)

black metal/dbm


Sig:Ar:Tyr (Canada)

neo-folk/folk metal


Martolea (Rumania)

folk black metal similar to Negura Bunget


Somnolence (USA)

experimental black metal, bridging the gap between traditional post punk/gothic rock and black metal


Inward escape (Australia)

black metal/ambient, with classical tinge


Ode (Netherlands)

black metal

“Who are you then?.."
"- I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.”
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The Great Collapse, currently has 1,870 plays.
They're a Canadian metal band that isn't all that easy to categorize. I don't know whether Extreme Progressive metal or Progressive Death Metal would be more accurate. On their myspace they say Progressive / Black Metal / Gospel.

Metal Archives
I've found Jesus
B-e-a-utiful Finnish black metal.

No myspace from the looks of it.
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All Great bands that a listen to quite regularly. (quite a few KVLT points for less than 5000 plays )

Edit: All from the UK

Annwn - Celtic/Folk Metal (Though there are at least 3 bands going by this name, which is why its so high)
21,215 plays (over 700 are from me)

Windrider - Epic Viking Metal
4,668 Plays

Ravenage - Viking metla i suppose
1,652 plays

Winterfylleth - Black Metal
24,445 plays

Wodensthrone - Atmospheric/Epic Black Metal
25,685 plays

Askival - Atmospheric/Epic Black Metal
29,318 plays

Ghast - Black/Doom Metal
3,456 plays

Alba Gu Bràth - Folk Metal
806 Plays

Archaicus (Now called Orpheus) - Atmospheric Black Metal
2,669 plays

Cnocantursa - Black Metal
1,895 plays

Northern Oak - Folk Metal
1,535 plays

Consecrated Flesh - Black/Thrash Metal
300 plays

Old Corpse Road - Black Metal
389 plays

Jaldaboath - 'Folk' Metal
11,635 plays

Darkest Era - Folk/Heavy Metal
3,543 plays
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Does the Unjesus count? 8 plays on all by me. Must give me super kvlt points right?
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

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One daaay!
*shake fist*
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

Maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but I'm having problems seeing a difference between Slam Death Metal and Deathcore.

Aren't they just the same thing?
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