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147 37%
90 23%
67 17%
96 24%
Voters: 400.
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Having your lover pour hot wax down your spine.

edit: oh, I guess vocals.
What is this... I dont even

Definitely Grums
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Grums? This is why girls shouldn't be allowed to play instruments.
Let me guess, now you have four boyfriends, and each one plays one of those instruments?
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Tie between singing and guitar. I chose vocals (shoulda went guitar)

EDIT: da hells wrong with you people, never heard of grums...

*pompous pfft and chin raise*
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
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Girl on... the oven!
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I live pretty close to a town called Grums. There's nothing hot about it.
When a chick plays the Grums good it turns me on hard.
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[thread]The Sun[/thread]

Blue Hypergiant Stars are hotter, look it up.


Don't tell me ya play an instrument just 'cos it's "cool"?

Please say you like music, please do.
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Poll fails because there is no option for Geyboard.

And seriously, it depends. A hot girl is gonna be hot whether she plays bass or three-octave sitar
🙈 🙉 🙊
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I'd say vocals. I can't find a girl hot playing guitar because i'm far too interested in the guitar, same with bass. People usually hide behind the grumkit so you can't really tell if they're hot or not.
Definitely Grums.
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I've had guys tell me it's hot that I play guitar.
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On a girl, probaly drums (because a lot of girls can sing but I don't like many girl singers.)

On a guy (no homo) probaly vocals.
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Wich is hotter ?

I admit it. My f*** keyboard made me press G instead of D... GRUMS.
Now that's awesome.
Did the keyboard make you forget the first "h" in "which"?

Grums ruined the thread.

I like female guitarists because of the fact that I'm a guitarist. I hate female vocals, otherwise I would probably enjoy that more than a guitarist.
Definitely a girl is going to turn me on a lot more if she has a beautiful voice than if she has a terrible voice but is amazing at an instrument.

Other than that, I think bass. Or guitar, I can't decide.
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