Im stuck between two guitars.

First Guitar
Ibanez STM1

Second Guitar
Dean Corey Beaulieu Signature

Give me your opinions guys i like to play metal and starting to learn to shred.

Also if you have any better suggestions for shredding and metal for under 900 GBP
feel free to add.

Thank you.

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Better Option #1

Better Option #2

Better Option #3

BUT WHY ARE THEY BETTER? Better value for money. The others are alright, but there are better guitars for the price. They cost more than you'd expect them to because they're signature models and part of the cost goes to the artist. Also, their tremolos are unreliable.
id go for the ibanez out of the one you picked
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better option 3 indeed

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Ibanez RG121
Better option 1
Better because I know how good they are.

Better option 2
It might push your budget but it'll turn every head (especially the black one) One of the classiest metal/shred guitars around at any price.
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Corey Beaulieu has a signature? Didn't know that. Out of your two, I'd go with the Ibanez because 1) it will probably be easier to shred on Ibanez, and 2) I prefer to away from signature guitars.

Realistically though, as a player you need to play both and decide which one is better for you. You can read our suggestions for days but in the end only you know what's best for you.
Deffo stay wid the stm1 it is the best guitar i have and i wouldnt swop it for the world unless i got offerd a original gibson flying v
How about a Fender Strat???? They're pretty good for metal.

i personally wouldn't suggest a fender strat for metal, too twangy imo. A tele might work a little better than the strat, but to be honest I would look at some kind of Ibanez RG, you really can't going wrong with the higher priced RG's, absolutely great guitars imo. Also check out some ESP/LTD's. Maybe an eclipse? Or the Kirk Hammett Signature?