an ideal idea of christmas
comes from a holiday card
of a family who look
nothing like us
standing in the snow

they left footprints and
echos of laughter behind

and to think...

such emptiness at 9am
lies silent under their tree

well my dad wrapped a bruise
around my arm and he said
it was a christmas gift
especially for me
I liked this, but just a couple nitpicks. I think you could change 'especially' to 'specially' in the last line and it might work better. Also, I'm not sure what's going on with all the separation in the middle of the piece. I don't see any logical reason to put those lines all by themselves.

Some of your lines are worded awkwardly, mainly "Such emptiness at 9am", and I stumbled over them. Also, I thought the first stanza is ordered strangely, it seems a bit discordant. The last line is just kinda hanging out at the end there like you tacked it on as an afterthought, or it may be the way you present it.

There are clever moments. Overall, I enjoyed the idea.

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Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black