Wait, are these actual physical things?


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Wait, are these actual physical things?
They're little cubes you buy, which you can link together with other cubes. Each cube has a stick person, and when you connect the cubes, the stick people in them can interact. It doesn't really sound that exciting, but I think they were only a few dollars a piece.
I had a set of 4. Very boring. They didn't really do anything. They were just little stick figures who would visit the other cubes.

It was cool to watch for a minute...then it just kinda got annoying.
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Well, in California, people carry around devices that control the minds of bears. So expect to see people walking their bears.

Also, don't be surprised if some robot hookers try to solicit sex to you on the streets.
I had a go of my friends, they were cool but got boring after 5 minutes.

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