i have a gig tomorrow afternoon, and i want to make sure that my voice is in good shape.
my voice is breaking, and I was wondering if anyone has any miracle remedies to make singing just a bit more comfortable?
we are playing chelsea dagger, so theres no growling or screaming.
any help is appreciated muchly

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I'm not sure what you're looking for. A warm-up routine, or "miracle remedies" to soothe the voice?
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either really. sorry, that was pretty vague.
but a warm up routine would probably be more useful...
'The Blues is Easy to Play, but Hard to Feel'
Jimi Hendrix
There are some potions you can purchase that help with singing. As far as a warm up, sorry can't help you there. I don't sing.
Most famous singers i know run up and down scales. Start with the lowest note you can hit, go upwards on a major scale, then back down. Then go up a step or half step and do it again, all the way until the top note of the scale is at the top of your range. You can either hold a single vowel sound with this, or do all the vowels, or get creative. One major singer i know "blows raspberries" all the way up and down her range. For more warm up you can also slide from note to note instead of clean steps, depending if your music requires much of that or not.
Make sure you don't have any dairy products from now til the event, and no soda or alcohol tomorrow. No smoking the day of the event either. If your voice is hoarse, either drink a cup of lemon and honey tea, or if that isnt your thing, lemon water. Tea is much better. Stay hydrated with water before and throughout the event. Good luck!
Well this'll be too late to be useful for TS, but it should be said:

As for a miracle remedy, as said above, drink tea (black preferably, but green should be fine too) with honey and lemon during the day before the gig. Make sure to have plenty of this along with water since the combination of the tea, honey, and lemon do wonders for your throat. If you're still having issues come gig-time, make some very strong tea and have it in a coffee tumbler on stage with you along with your water. I wouldn't advise having honey in this as it will coat your throat in that nasty sugar phlegm, but lemon should be fine. I'd also have lemon in your water on-stage as well.
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