Been looking at a new amp for about a month now (Still stuck with a crappy starter ibanez one ¬¬ Thinking of getting a tube amp or something with that clean warm quality to it.
Had a look at a spider valve which has a nice clean tone but wasn't a fan of the distortion seemed a bit sharp. Looked at a laney LC15 good clean tone o.k distortion. Laney LV300 o.k clean, o.k distortion (quite cheap).

Wondering there were any suggestion prices range around £200+/-

I play a range of music for Hendrix to BFMVT to the fall of troy to Foo Fighters so the amp needs to be quite versatile

Starter ibanez
Ibanez rg350dx
Digitech Rp250
Boss DS-1
Boss SD 1
Boss DD3
another unknown Boss circuit for OD
Im not sure what you'll be able to get much with that budget, but i guess since this will only be your second amp it doesnt have to be great.

Maybe one of the bugera v seires, will need a boost for heavier stuff though, or you could look for a line 6 flextone or vetta used. A peavey vyper might also be something to look at. You could also look into some of the mini stacks, the blackheart little giant/handsome devil, and blackstar ht-5. Not sure about the blackstar, but the blackhearts will need a boost for heavier stuff.

Also, i'd think about maybe selling a few of your pedals to bump up your budget a bit, and look used.
Rather not have any modelling amps and I can't sell most of those pedals. May raise the price up to +-£300 any surgestions with this in mind