Where does the snow drop
When it has nowhere to land
In the garden, on the flowers
Like a million grains of sand
Not the same, not the rain
Just a feather falling fiercely down
Tomorrow the sun might smile like spring
Or maybe more clouds laughing, fiery frown
Enter now the realm where all is white
We might escape
The bright agony tonight
We will hope
Remember where we were before all of this
Or does it even matter
When everything is scattered ‘round
Battered down

Bitter and awake
Enamored to you

Something in your eyes
Nothing in mine
Open and close
Doors slammed, now we’re out
When we are away
River dammed, now we shout

“Into the fire!”
And “Melt”

Few of us know
Certainly, just as lost
And cold
All of us in our
Ordinary world, warming frost,
Our old
Laugh at them while they tumble
Down and down
It’s contagious
Is it not?
Laugh at them while they rumble
Loud so loud
Fall around us

And you descend on
When you leave, I will melt with you
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At first I felt like it was gonna be generic and trite, but damn! The way it carried on was amazing. Those are truly great lyrics man I loved it.