This is my first post here for this forum and I wrote this after I was gonna have sex with this girl that I liked but decided against it as she pleaded with me to stay.

Look how I tremble and see how I shake
Don't ask if it's divine and don't ask if it's fate.
Just act as if, you can relate.
Do what you need to do.
You stand there so brave and so proud
Please, do no act as if this isn't allowed.
My silence has already been vowed.
Nobody needs to know.
You start to take off your clothes
I take mine off too please don't feel exposed.
You glow from your head down to your toes.
Can I say you're beautiful?
Slowly but surely you walk towards me
This isn't awkward like we thought it would be.
I look you in the eyes and I see you and me.
This is what we want.

"Why are you so far away
You don't have to go it's not the end of the day.
Please don't leave, I need you to stay."
I don't know what's wrong.
I turn around and I start to walk
I look back at you just to see you in shock.
Thank god, the door is unlocked.
Otherwise I'd have to stay.
It's cold outside and it's snowing like hell
I look back to your window you are waving farewell.
Oh well, I guess it's back into my hell.
What is wrong with me?
My friend picks me up and starts to drive
She sad I got there early that I even arrived.
I said "No, I'm sure that she'll survive."
But who knows if I will.
"Friends will turn against
People dissapoint you everytime.
So if you have greatness in you
Do us all a favor
And keep it to yourself."