I want to do trapezoid inlays instead of the stars on mine but they dont seem to be able to come off just like that.
How do i get them off without leaving marks or damaging the fretboard?
Inlays are dremelled into a fretboard. There's no way to remove it without leaving a hole the shape of the inlay in the fretboard, but seeing as you want BIGGER inlays put in then you should just be able to take it to someone who knows what they're doing (since, no offense, but you don't seem to) and get them to do it
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I think that once you do some research on how inlayes are done, you'd realize that once the fretboard is cut into and the inlays glued, you wouldn't be able to remove and replace with another design.

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They dont just pop out. As you are going to something bigger your just gonna cut thru the old ones so the new ones fit.
If you want to remove inlays, heat them with a soldering iron until the glue melts, then they should pop out. You're almost guaranteed to damage the inlays, but the board will remain intact. Obviously, only do this if you can route for and install the new inlays, then re-radius your fingerboard.
Will the new inlays be larger than the old ones in every dimension? If so, you can simply rout the new holes for the trapezoid inlays right through the old inlays, like they weren't even there. You should be able to rout right through the old inlays, no problem. You can also try the method mentioned by MintSauce, use a soldering iron and a wet cloth to heat up the current inlays and melt the glue.
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