yay! my head and cab came in the mail today
...and of course no cables were included
I already have a good instrument cable, but now (i think) i need cables to connect the head (gallien krueger bl 600 4ohms) to cab (warwick 411 4ohms) and head to a power supply
...so do i only need one cable to connect my head to my one cab? the back of the head has two output jacks, and the power supply jack is three pronged
the back of the cab says:
"Only use loudspeaker cables for connecting the cabinent.
+1 Positive
- 1 Negative"
how many cables do i need, where can i buy them, what are some good ones, etc etc

I'll upload pics if i get some answers
Any cables will do you can buy them pretty cheap at guitar center stores, music shops (sometimes cheap) and online

its okay to have extras though theyre usually not that expensive
dimarzio. Incredible cables. Very durable. Good quality. Lifetime warranty
Any power cable will do. and you only need 1 speaker cable..DO NOT run a speaker cable to the cab and then another one from the cab back into the head....Pretty sure everything would blow up...maybe even see a little smoke.
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Thanks for the answers so far, got a few more questions:

my head has two 1/4 jacks next to each other, am i supposed to use "dual banana" or just only use one jack? (the + and - thing on the back of the cab has got me paranoid :/)

and the back of the cab has two speakon and 2 1/4 jacks...im assuming i should go for speakon cables if i can?

am i supposed to do anything to "tell" the head to run at 4ohms?
hey sorry about my useless dimarzio free advertising. ha. I wasnt paying attention i thought you wanted recommendations for good instrument cables
I believe you want to run one cable from your head to your cab. You have multiple on you head to plug into multiple cabs, and the extra on the cab is to connect it to another cab.

Speakon is better than 1/4", no chance of shocking yourself.

You don't need instrument cables, get a speaker cable. They look similar, but they will say speaker cable on them.
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You don't need instrument cables, get a speaker cable. They look similar, but they will say speaker cable on them.

You NEED a speaker cable, instrument cables can't take the load from the head and will most probably just melt.
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Make sure the head isn't on when you plug the cab in.

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I believe you only need 1 speaker cable. MAKE SURE YOUR HEAD IS OFF WHEN YOU PLUG THE CABINET IN!!! A friend of mine tried to plug his in with his head on, and the entire head blew up. Just find the Speaker Output, Cabinet output, ect. on your head plug it in, and plug it in to either input on the cabinet.
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