Mods please feel free to move this thread to wherever it belongs. I figured that as the majority of mando's are acoustic then this would be a good place to stick the thread.

If you're a mando player, what are your experiences with different mandos/manufacturers/etc.

I have an Epiphone MM-30 a/e. Using Elixir mando strings it doesn't sound bad but its flat out hard to play. The frets flatten out quite quickly and getting the action set properly is extremely difficult. It's a good learning instrument, that's about it. If you're looking at one to learn on, save a few bucks and go for the MM-20.

I'm in the market to upgrade but I can't afford The Gibson and to that end, I'm not going to pay upwards of $600 since I'm not a professional. The Ovation mando is nice though I'm also looking at Kentucky and Michael Kelly.

Whats your mando experience?
I play Mandolin, nothing serious. It's a fun instrument to play but I feel too limited when moving from guitar to mandolin.
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i just got a mandolin for xmas but cus i've never played one before i went for a 60-70 quid wesley mandolin which is actually great! i dont know much about them but to me it sounds lovely.it looks good and feels nice to play to.i was thinkin of spendin 100 on an epiphone but like i said i never been on one before so i went for a cheaper option althought it wasnt the chepeast cus i didnt want to get something tht wud go wrong after a month
i recently got a 70 year old mandolin that my great grandfather bought during WW2...sent it to the shop to get a quatation for repairing