Okay, so I was looking through some guitars that I might want to buy for Christmas. I came across a Taylor GA4 and absolutely loved it. All of a sudden I looked at another guitar that looked almost exactly like it but it was a Taylor GC4. I've a researched it a little bit and know that GA stands for Grand Auditorium and GC stands for Grand Concert, but I'm still not too sure what the differences are between each instrument. Could somebody please clarify the differences and which each guitar was made for, such as fingerpicking or strumming? I would really appreciate it. By the way, I'm into both fingerpicking and strumming, is one a better choice for me, and which do you prefer? Thanks.
The grand concert is a smaller body size and is more meant for fingerpicking. The Grand Auditorium is the swiss army knife of applications meaning it does equally well with strumming and fingerpicking. I'd go for the GA.

The GA will also naturally be louder unplugged because of it's size. If you're looking for a guitar with electronics be advised that neither of these series has any, they are just acoustic. Great choice overall, I love Ovangkol's look and sound. Ovangkol sounds very nice fingerpicked.

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i fingerpick and strum, and i like both shapes. the gc models tend to have just a hint less sustain, which is handy for keeping the notes separated if you play fast. the taylor gc8 and gck are two of my favorite guitars for the sound and feel, and wider nut, but i also have an injured shoulder and the smaller size is very comfortable.

i agree with the ga models being the swiss army knife of guitars - probably the most diverse. why not spend some time playing each one on the same day and see which suits you better?