I completely suck at these, and I've been playing for two years. Really pathetic, I know, but I can never get them to sound full.

Actually, most of the notes sound okay, but the 6th string(low) always sounds kind of muffled, and the 2nd string is always muted. So it comes out like this:


Which obviously sucks when you're trying to arpeggio it. Any tips on how to get my index finger to bar everything more successfully?
practice man. the strength will come the more you do them. practice just picking the notes too rather than just strumming
And practice first higher on the neck, those are easier, 8th position or so and go fret by fret lower
I find if I slightly twist my hand so that I'm almost using the side of my index finger to bar, it makes a big difference. It's almost like you're using the power in your wrist to hold it instead of just your one finger. The twist should be really slight, nothing that would strain your wrist.


That picture should give you an idea of what I mean. See how the index finger is turned slightly?